Labor support

*Now offering Virtual Labor Support. Fill out the contact form to learn more.

Labor Support begins with prenatal meetings with one of our Doulas to discuss your concerns and help you prepare for labor. We organize a plan for your birth and include information and comfort measures and medications that might be utilized during labor.

It includes 24/7 on-call availability and continuous support during labor and birth. Once your baby is born, we’ll inform you on your recovery process, the care of your baby, and assist you with adjusting to the changes. We’ll provide resources and referrals after the birth and offer you discounts on other Dance of Dawn services.

  • Prenatal meetings to assess support needs and prepare for labor
  • Education about the process of labor and comfort measures or medications that will be utilized
  • Unlimited phone and text support throughout pregnancy
  • 24 hour on call availability during the weeks surrounding the due date
  • Continuous support during labor and birth
  • Postpartum visits to assist with recovery, newborn care and nurture the adjusting family structure
  • Discounts on other Dance of Dawn services such as Childbirth education classes, Breastfeeding classes and postpartum support services
  • Ongoing support as needed for resources and referrals

Postpartum support

Postpartum Support services are designed to help ease the transition into parenthood after your child is born. We start by educating you on evidence-based practices meant to assist with your physical and emotional recovery. A crucial part of Postpartum Support is facilitating proven self-care practices for the birthing person while providing them with plenty of encouragement.

For birthing people interested in lactation support, we help you prepare for the challenges that may arise to ensure you are able to reach your goals. In addition to providing education in diapering, car seat safety, feeding, and babywearing, our Doulas can help with minor tasks at home, care for your baby’s siblings, run errands, clean and organize baby’s belongings, and can help facilitate bonding between family members.

  • Education about recovery from birth and assistance with processing the birth experience
  • Encouragement and facilitation of parent self-care
  • Breastfeeding counseling, education and resources
  • Understanding baby behaviors and learning cues
  • Hands-on education regarding diapering, babywearing, feeding and other aspects of infant care
  • Help facilitate sibling and family bonding when needed
  • Light housework, errands and caring for infant or siblings while parents recoup
  • Screen for postpartum mood disorders and provide referrals when needed
  • Help with organizing/cleaning baby’s belongings such as laundry, bottles and toys
  • Car seat safety education
  • Ongoing support as needed for resources and referrals

Childbirth Education Classes

*Group classes are on hold until December 2020. We are currently offering private in-home and virtual classes! Contact us to learn more and register.

Childbirth Education Classes help educate soon-to-be parents about important topics. The courses provide information for birthing people concerning the different types of care and care providers, and the prenatal screenings, tests, and visits you might experience before labor.

We teach about informed consent and shared decision making, along with the benefits and potential risks of some medications and procedures. We’ll give you techniques to manage any stress you have during your pregnancy and different comfort measures to reduce the pains of labor.

  • Choosing a care provider and understanding models of care
  • Understanding prenatal screenings, tests and visits with care providers
  • Techniques for stress management and dealing with physical discomforts of pregnancy
  • Education about informed consent and shared decision making
  • Evidence based information about medications and procedures given during labor and birth
  • Practicing comfort measures and positioning techniques for labor
  • Understanding the role(s) of support person and/or birth partner

Lactation Class

For new and expecting parents, breastfeeding can be challenging. Demystify breastfeeding with our comprehensive Lactation Class. We teach evidence-based information about all statges of lactation. Learn the unique benefits of breastfeeding and how it differs from formula feeding.

We’ll show you the most comfortable and effective ways to feed baby, dispel myths and misconceptions, teach you to identify newborn hunger cues, how to safely store milk, and more!

  • How breastfeeding works
  • The direct and peripheral benefits of breastfeeding
  • Common breastfeeding challenges and misconceptions
  • Milk composition
  • Newborn hunger cues, stomach size and stools
  • Positions and latching
  • Pumping and storing milk
  • Introducing solids and weaning

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